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    Class descriptions


    Learn this romantic dance which originated in the Dominican Republic.  Each class will begin with a warmup using the basic step mixed with various foot work combinations. After, new footwork patterns will be broken down as well as partnering combinations.  

    Salsa 1

    Learn the basics of salsa in the LA style.  Rodrigo has been teaching all over the world for nearly a decade.  He brings high energy and fun patterns and combinations to each class.  A great workout as well.

    Salsa 2 

    Great class for people ready to take their salsa to the next level.  Class is high energy, moves quickly and covers more intermediate patterns and combinations.  This one will have your heart racing!  

    Salsa 3

    Are you up for the challenge?  This class is designed for the experienced salsa dancer to enhance style and power.

    Couples Salsa

    Do you already have a dance pattern?  Do you prefer to dance only with your special someone?  Then this is your class.  Couples, come spend a nice evening together learning one of the sexiest dances!  

    Ladies Styling

    This class is ladies only!  Girls come let your hair down and take your salsa to a sexier, and more stylish level.


    Co-ed class with no patterning.  Ever had your dance partner let you go on the floor, only to find you don't know what to do?  Well, this is the class to learn all those fancy moves you can do without a partner!  

    Afro-Cuban Salsa

    This is a very fun class where you will learn cuban culture as well as dance.  Start by learning about and focusing on a different Cuban Orisha.  You will learn the history and movements associated with a different Orisha each week.  Next take these elements and learn how to infuse your salsa with what you have just learned and give your style some Cuban flare!

    Rueda Salsa

    One of the roots of salsa.  A fun, interactive group class that will keep you on your toes rotating from partner to partner in a circular motion! Not a class for the shy folks out there.  Come make some new friends and dance buddies!  

    Latin Cardio

    Combine the great beats and rhythms of latin dance with an amazing workout.  Get in shape quick. This class is fun, very high energy and will help you shed the pounds fast!